I’ve been liked! That was quick.

I feel like an ugly duckling who has just found friends.

I don’t know any of these people who liked me, but it appears they also have blogs and somehow found mine, read my first post and liked it.

One really caught my eye, for it wasn’t political or religious. Not that I’m against discussing politics or religion, but this one had poetry.

I’ve enjoyed poetry since I was a little girl and have a library filled with poetry books. I have spent many an evening or afternoon reading poetry with a friend or my husband. I found it comforting to lay my head down upon my husband, close my eyes, and travel majestically along his words.

He’d stroke my hair or my arm or leg at times as he read, stopping now and then to hold some food over my mouth, teasing me by rubbing it softly across my lips to stir me from my visions.

I do so very much miss his presence. He understood my wanderings. He understood me.

The poetry blog that liked me is here. Visit it sometime.


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