Romance versus writing

I follow my heart, for I believe passion will always reveal truth.

My heart has been my teacher, my mentor if you will. My heart has been a tough master.

I find myself intrigued once again, and my writing has less interest now.

I am intrigued by an old friend. He has been with me since childhood, destiny perhaps.

We met for drinks  to discuss my writing, for I found him again on the Internet and sent him a note asking if he remembered me. Of course he did, for we were lovers many years ago.

Different paths, different educations, different outcomes. Opposites? Attraction?

He is quiet. I am brazen. He has few lovers. I have many. He is alone. I am alone.

I am attracted.

He has things to teach me. I have things to teach him.

Learning about ones-self through another, that is love I believe.

We had drinks, wonderful hugs, and I kissed him shyly, like we never were lovers.

I intend to spend time with him. Old friends are the best.



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