Back from winter break

I love BC. I truly do. But I got tired with the rain and headed south to my other home away from home.

If you were in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area the last few weeks and you saw a woman who looked slightly older than my blog picture cavorting with a man a couple of years older than she, whom I just met, that was me!

I was the woman drinking strawberry margarita’s, huge tub-size glass fulls, and enjoying myself completely. You may have caught a glimpse me singing, or dancing happily along the street with my new friend.

We were at the circus, this wonderful circus of life filled with animal tamers, clowns, ring masters, jugglers, and pickpockets; those dreaded pickpocketers who try to steal the joy from your life.

I’m too much a woman to mention the name of the maitre d’ of the establishment, but if I’m a little drunk and want to act womanly with my date what matter is it of yours? The place was almost empty and it was around 1am, and you certainly could have handled the situation better instead of making such a bloody scene and embarrassing the only other couple in your establishment.

You are a pompous prick. You deserved the two cent tip.